Abs training for busy people (My modification of "ABS of steel" from darebee.com). Big thanks to Darebee and +Neila Rey 

Illustartion changed only to explain training visually! All credits are for darebee.com

Full training contains:
- Min. Five sets (or more) "body saw" (bottom right on picture here: http://darebee.com/workouts/abs-of-steel-workout.html )- with strong contraction at last 5-6 reps.
- Five-six sets "pull ins" or "crunches" or "sit ups" (http://darebee.com/images/workouts/abs-of-steel-workout.jpg )
- 30-60 seconds max. between sets!
- I do it morning, on empty. I drink double coffee 15-30 minutes before (or one caffeine tablet - 100 or 200 mg). You can drink instead of coffeine your favorite fat burner or thermogenic weight loss product like OxyElite Pro or similar (my wife use it and says me works very well).
- For best results do 15 min. light cardio before training.
- Full training (with 15 minutes cardio) is 35-40 minutes only! Without cardio: only 22-30 min.

I do it 1 times weekly (only), but I am very busy - I work 60 hours weekly and train only two-three times weekly. You can do exercises for ABS two or three times weekly if you want (each 2-3 days is enough if you train hard).

Keep in mind: Great Abs are made mostly in the Kitchen, NOT in the Gym. Diet is very important! Try to eat on small portions often and eat the dinner without carbohydrates and fat - only clean meat with vegetables for example.

With this training and the right food you will see your ABS different after only 2-3 trainings.

Note: Is not the hardest training in the world. I try to increase muscle mass, not only to fire fat. If you want exactly like me, your training must be short, but intensive. I train in this way because i was 93 kilograms before 2 months ( picture from this moment is here: https://plus.google.com/photos/+EduardDimitrov/albums/6152370374058661681/6152370384969345762?sqi=105008312335704126105&sqsi=cce92eba-2dcf-45a3-9636-3f3ab834b625&pid=6152370384969345762&oid=112236211879266163943 ), but now I am only 87 kilograms :)