My #presentation on #SEO conference 2015 - SEO Copywriting is now translated in English and can be downloaded as PDF from this link:   

SEO conference 2015 was great event where I meet great people like +Ognian Mladenov​ , +David Amerland​ ,  +Omi Sido​ , +Teodora Petkova​ , +Nina Trankova​ , +Васил Тошков​, +Asya Asenova​  and many more. 

Prezentation include several SEO tools: +SEMrush​ , +Ahrefs​ , +Majestic​ , +WordStream​ , +Moz​ , +Prodvigator​ , +Übersuggest​ , +Free Article Spinner​ , +Serpstat​.

Prezentation include quotes and content from +Searchmetrics​ , Moz, +Ross Hudgens​  and Dwayne Johnson - the rock :)