Creating a custom “AdSense Revenue by Social Network” report

Go to Behavior in the right sidebar and Click on AdSense > AdSense pages. Doing this will open up a report that will show you which pages on your site are generating AdSense revenue.
To the top left of this report, you will see a link that says “Customize.” Click it, and another screen will pop up.
Change the report title to “AdSense Revenue By Social Network.”
Leave everything under Metric Groups > AdSense alone.
Under Dimension Drilldowns, you will see two green boxes that say “Page” – leave those alone.
Click on the faded green box in that section that says “Add Dimension.” A drop down will appear.
Type in “Social Network” and choose the green “Social Network” box that appears.
Now you’ll have a darker green “Social Network” box on the bottom of the list. Drag that box to the top of the list of green buttons, above the two “Page” boxes.
Click save.
You have just created a custom report in Analytics that will show you your AdSense revenue broken down by social network. Now we have a nice and neat list of all our AdSense revenue (and eCPM, Impressions, etc.) broken down by social network.