Presentation of +Dan Petrovic  on Sofia Seo Meetup in friday was real brainstorming. Great presentation , Dan!

But.... we have "some" differences. Dan is head of bigger company, 30-40 man's (i really don't know how many people work for Dejan Seo), i am CEO of 4 man's company - I, one link builder, one copywriter and one programmer. Dan can spent huge time to think where and how to make next link bait, but the last year I don't have a time for this. Previously, in the past i have time to make SEO experiments, but now... we just make "old school" link building and perform order after order... May be prices of my company are really low and I must increase it to work less and to have more time to think... just like before 3 years when we made 2 free very good plugins and receive from this linkbait links from more than 300 domains.